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Obama Ordered The Assasination Of Those Dallas Police Officers These deaths can be laid directly at his feet

Last night, five Dallas police officers were assasinated while working at a Black Lives Matter protest. While Obama may not have literally signed a directive ordering their deaths, he's every bit as responsible as if he had [read more ...]

Here's what BLM and Liberals Don't Want You To Know About Shooting "Victim" Alton Sterling Once again, they portay scum as salt of the earth

Just in case you didn't hear, a black man named Alton Sterling was shot and killed by police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Liberals and Black Lives Matter (BLM) would have you believe he was killed just for selling CDs outside a convenience store. Naturally, as with all these stories lately, they're lying through their teeth [read more ...]

It's Hard To Feel Sorry For The Victims At Pulse Quite frankly, gays have brought this on themselves

Last night, a Muslim man, in perfect accordance with his religion, opened fire at Pulse, an Orlando gay nightclub, killing at least 50 people. Now, outside of the insistence of his religion to do such an act, gays themselves are largely to blame. [read more ...]

Of Course Hillary's a Lesbian Are you even looking?

Recently, Yoko Ono (a repulsive excuse for a human being herself) "shocked" an interviewer by claiming to have had an affair with Hillary Clinton. The article claimed it would add fuel to the fire of conservatives "disliking" Clinton.

Oh, come on. Is anyone really that dim that they didn't already know Hillary was a lesbian years ago? I mean, really, just look at her. [read more ...]

Newlywed Women Cut Their Hair Short Because They Don't Care How They Look They know it's ugly, but hey, they're married now. Next step is getting fat as hell.

One thing I've noticed over the years is that one of the first things women do when they're married is to cut off their long hair. I was mystified by why they'd do that, but then it hit me: they're married now, so why do they care if they're ugly? [read more ...]

Children of Rape and Incest Are Sub-Humans and Should Be Exterminated Let's be honest about these repulsive spawns of shame

Let's face it: most Americans agree that people who were conceived as a result of rape or incest are not really human beings. They're something lesser form of creature. Nobody know what, exactly, they are, but definitely not human and should not be granted the status of an actual person. They may look like a human being, but they're just some sort of vermin, right?

Millions of people feel that way. Heck, the Democrat Party definitely believes that those creatures whose mother got knocked up while being raped or having a good time with cousin Eddie aren't human. And they're perfectly OK with exterminating these creatures because it's embarrassing to be associated with them [read more ...]

Trump Supporter? You're Probably A Hypocritical Idiot Trump wants to steal Cruz delegates, he's just doesn't know how

The latest hissy fit being thrown by Trump-bots is over Ted Cruz "stealing" delegates. As usual, they have no clue what they're talking about, just like their candidate. And they're massive hypocrites for complaining about it.

First of all, no delegates are being "stolen". Delegates are tasked with going to the convention and casting their vote to reflect the votes of the people. And that's exactly what's going to happen ... [read more ...]

Trump Doesn't Deserve A Damn Thing 50% means 50%

One of the themes being endlessly bleated by the typical brain-dead Trump supporter is that Trump should be declared the Republican nominee by virtue of having gotten the most votes. In fact, it's usually expressed as a “right” he's somehow earned because he has the biggest piece of the delegate pie.

However, as usual, Trump supporters are trying to rewrite the rules they often don't understand to suit themselves. The nominee is the person who gets 50% of the delegate votes. And, as of now [read more ...]